It is no secret that using wood, it is necessary to carry out the processing needed to extend its life.

There are various soak technologies but vacuum wood impregnation is considered to be the most effective technology.

This wood treatment method provides soak feature deep penetration of the material. Wood is placed on the autoclave chamber, which is initially hunted the air. Then the camera is delivered, impregnants hydraulic pressure shall be completed in Pori wood. After a period of time, the vacuum chamber again, which promotes the elimination of surplus product. The final stage of the pressure inside the chamber is equated with the atmospheric pressure, in addition, impregnants thanks to the pressure difference should be completed by the wooden cell.


Green and brown – impregnated with vacuum pressure treatment up to 12 bar.
I and II class – for use in dry places.
Price: 20,00 EUR/m3 (green) and 27,00 EUR/m3(brown).

III class – for use in places where the material regularly comes in contact with moisture (eg, terraces), as well as in dry soil. This impregnation class can only be provided for dried pine wood.
Price: 30,00 EUR/m3 (green) and 37,00 EUR/m3 (brown).

IV class – for use in contact with wet ground and directly with water. This impregnation class can only be provided for dried pine wood.
Price: 35,00 EUR/3 (green) and 45,00 EUR/m3 (brown).